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Why Systemise Your Business?

Need to free up time to grow your business?

Wasting too much time on repetitive admin tasks?

Need to delegate but can’t because nothing’s written down?

Need a more consistent approach to your work?

Need to onboard and orient staff more easily?

Want to improve the quality of your outputs?

Not spending enough time with friends and family?

Haven’t had a work-free or any holiday in years?

This is Us

Meet The Systemologists

Rebecca, Brenda & Frankie

Brenda Dolieslager and Rebecca (Bec) Wiles founded The Systemologist, but the real work is done by Frankie.

Frankie is our seriously smart and sassy systemologist.  She’s all the best bits of Bec and Brenda combined and she’s a systemising ninja!

Frankie’s always been a bit partial to a colour coded calendar, loves a good filing system, organises her stationary drawer, makes lists for everything and alphabetises her Google Drive folders. And she has a whole lot of fun doing it!

We’re convinced she has organising super powers and we know for sure that she’s exactly who you need when you want to systemise your business.

So give us a call – Frankie would love to help you get systemised!

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Ready Made Systems (DIY)

Pre designed systems you can customise yourself

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Custom Systems (GID)

Get It Done by us from start to finish

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Flexible Support Bundles

Bundled support hours for flexible help

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Systems Health Check

Get your existing systems health checked

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What people are saying about The Systemologist

  • BMD Psychology Consulting has systemised almost all of their systems now.  It's made a huge difference to the ease and speed with which we were recently able to onboard a new virtual assistant, she was up and running within days not months and knew exactly what to do from the start. We can now focus on expanding the business and that wasn't possible before!
    BMD Psychology Consulting
  • I work for a number of businesses coming from different industries that have been systemised by the people at The Systemologist and I believe that the great systems being applied in all these businesses have not only made me more efficient in supporting them but also has transformed my line of thinking to become highly systemised. I now assist them in identifying and producing systems for the businesses, the new staff and the improvement of new processes. (more…)
    Jennylyn Salazar, Delonix Corporation
  •   We've systemised every administrative and customer focused task over the past 12 months. We're able to have our trainers ready to deliver great training onsite. Each system was vetted and approved before loading onto our Google Sites. Systemising my business has allowed me to take a step away from the daily running of the business and concentrate on delivering outstanding training for my clients. (more…)
    Kate Minifie, The Training Establishment
  • Hi my name is Jan and I'm the owner and host of the Vegan B&B and Cooking School, The Beet Retreat. I met Bec from The Systemologist a few months ago and she’d actually come to stay as a guest and we got on super well. In the course of our conversations over meals, she obviously gleaned that I wasn’t operating my small business as well and as smoothly as I could and it was indeed sort of impacting on me as much as I love what I do here in a sort of pretty stressful way when I was really busy. (more…)
    The Systemologist Logo
    Jan Saunders, The Beet Retreat